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Top 7 E-Liquid Brands in the UK - Premier Vapes

Top 7 E-Liquid Brands in the UK

Choosing an e-liquid can be tricky with the many vaping brands to choose from. At, we make things a little simpler by only stocking vape liquid from top brands like KIK, Slushie, Vampire Vape and VIP. These brands offer high-quality cheap vaping liquids.

However, choosing from any of these brands can take time since they all provide great products. In this article, we discuss the best e-liquid brands and the best e-liquids UK brands have to offer. Here is a rundown of the best e-liquid brands in no particular order:

  • 88Vape
  • Kik
  • Kingston
  • Slushie
  • TECC
  • Vampire Vape
  • VIP

1. 88vape

88vape is a local manufacturer that uses industry standards to develop, mix and bottle their e-liquids. 88vape launched in 2013 with one simple goal: to make vaping affordable for people who want to stop smoking. Over the years, the brand has increased its offerings to meet a wide range of tastes while keeping its high quality and low prices. They make some of the best e-liquids on the market, such as the Menthol chill, Raspberry Ripple and Fusion.

88vape makes e-liquids for all flavours. You can get fruit-flavoured e-liquids, tobacco and menthol vapes for those who love a little icy sting. Their most popular flavours are the fruit and berries, such as the Menthol 10ml E-liquid and the shortfall Fusion Red 50ml E-liquid.

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2. KiK

Kik offers a collection of flavours ranging from tobacco for smokers who want the thrill of smoking without the negative effects to menthol for those who have something spicy in their mouth. It doesn't matter what stage you are on your vaping adventure; Kik has you covered. Its fruity-flavoured e-liquid, Raspberry Ripple, is always in huge demand to the point where many ardent vapers buy it in stock.

Other great flavours include Doc's Blend 10ml E-Liquid and Cloud Watermelon & Mango 50ml E-Liquid. If you are ready for a daring vaping adventure, try the Menthol Sensation 10ml E-Liquid.

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3. Kingston

Kingston prides itself as a manufacturer of quality vape liquids, and they certainly live up to the hype. The brand launched in 2017 and expanded in 2029 to expand development, manufacturing and distribution. No wonder their E-liquids are some of the best and most popular on the market. For instance, their Chucklberry 100ml Shortfill is an exciting choice for any fan of fruity-flavoured vapes.

Other adventurous flavours to try out from the brand are the Pinkerton 120ml Shortfill and the Red A 100ml Shortfill.

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4. Slushie

The slushie brand boasts a fantastic range of nostalgic fruits and candy flavours that offer an incredible mouth-watering taste and takes you back to the memories of your childhood slushie treats. The e-liquids come in a wide range of options, including their best-selling Passion and Mango Slush 50ml Shortfill and Cola Slush 50ml Shortfill.

Other best sellers include Caribbean Slush 50ml Shortfill and Bubblegum Slush 50ml Shortfill.

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The Electronic Cigarette Company, better known as TECC, started in 2008 to provide high-quality vaping products.

We have been stocking TECC e-liquids for a while, and our customers' feedback has been impressive. They also supply vaping pens and other accessories.

TECC e-liquids have many flavours, including slushies, fruits, menthol, and tobacco. There are a lot of liquids to choose from, but we are partial to the Titus Menthol Madness 10ml E-Liquid. It provides an exciting burst of fresh flavour, with a mint aftertaste. You can also go for the Titus Tobacco Gold 10ml E-liquid which is an all-time favourite for tobacco lovers due to its simplicity, and similarity with traditional cigarettes. 

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6. Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape is a UK e-liquid manufacturer that targets vapers who want high-quality, yet affordable liquids. They offer a cocktail of flavours to choose from, including their world-renowned, Heisenberg and Pinkman flavours, which may sound familiar to Breaking Bad enthusiasts. But the names of their liquids fits well, because they are perfectly brewed, much like Breaking Bad's famous product.

They also feature a delicious range of fruit, menthol and tobacco flavours. If you have never tried fruity e-liquids before, we recommend the Watermelon 10ml E-Liquid. It is an exciting way to venture into the fabulous of fruity e-liquids. The All Day Grape Koncept 100ml Shortfill is another frat recommendation. Particularly for people who want all-day excitement.

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7. VIP

VIP offers excellent e-liquids for both beginners and veteran vapers. They have an exciting range of fantastic flavours for you to enjoy. If you want an out-of-earth vaping experience, you can try some of their opulent e-liquids and vape products. Two of their best-selling products are Triple Menthol Ice 10ml E-Liquid and British Gold 10ml E-Liquid.

We recommend the Sub-Zero Iced Mint 10ml E-Liquid for menthol lovers and the Banana Bliss 10ml E-Liquid for fruity flavour lovers.

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What makes the best E-Liquid brands different from the rest?

E-liquid containers being filled up in a factory by machines

These brands aren't the best brands for no reason. There are many reasons why regular vapers prefer these brands over other options on the market. Here is a rundown of some of the considered factors.

  • Development: The brands dedicate resources to develop and mix flavours to get their customers the right blend. This process requires a lot of research as no one stumbles on an incredible-tasting vaping liquid by chance. The research is only the first part. The brand continually improves the taste until it becomes what you, the customer, are looking for.
  • Mixes: The majority of the popular e liquids are mixed. They combine a unique blend of flavours to provide that premium taste. Some of these mixes can contain a blend of fruits and berries to produce tasting experiences you never knew you liked until you tasted them.
  • Consistency: Imagine you got an e-liquid, loved the taste, and then offered a refill. How would you feel if the refill bottle tasted different from the last? Disappointed right? High-quality brands ensure consistent tastes in each product by using the same ratio of ingredients every time. This amount of commitment is what ensures consistent taste.
  • Flavour Descriptions: with a premium brand, you always know what to expect or at least have a general idea. As such, you can get e liquids that appeal to your taste or take you on an adventurous journey you've always wanted.

What should I consider when buying E-Liquids?

The first thing to consider before choosing an e-liquid is the quality. Thankfully, all the brands mentioned here use industry standards in their mixing and packaging research to ensure a  safe and memorable vaping session.

If you are experimenting with other brands, ensure they are registered to produce and sell e-liquids. You can also check online reviews, ask questions in forums, or email us. We are always ready to help.

Premier Vapes is committed to providing the best vaping experience for beginning and veteran vapers. Check out our best sellers for eliquids, pens and all things vaping.

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