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Aspire PockeX Replacement Glass

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by Aspire

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The Aspire PockeX Replacement Glass Silver is a must-have accessory for any vaper who owns the Aspire PockeX vaporizer. This replacement glass piece is designed to fit seamlessly with the Aspire PockeX, ensuring that your vaping experience is smooth and enjoyable.
Made with high-quality materials, this replacement glass is durable and able to withstand everyday wear and tear. The silver colour of the glass adds a sleek and modern touch to the overall look of your Aspire PockeX vaporizer. The glass is also able to withstand high temperatures, so you can vape at your desired temperature without having to worry about the glass breaking or cracking.
The Aspire PockeX Replacement Glass Silver is easy to install and replace. Simply remove the old glass piece from the vaporizer and replace it with the new one. The replacement glass has the exact same dimensions as the original, so it fits perfectly and does not affect the performance of your Aspire PockeX.
The replacement glass also provides a clear view of the e-liquid levels in the tank, so you know when to refill your device. It also keeps the e-liquid from leaking, ensuring that your vaping experience is always clean and leak-free.
The Aspire PockeX Replacement Glass Silver is an affordable and practical solution for anyone who needs to replace a broken or damaged glass piece on their Aspire PockeX vaporizer. It's a must-have for all Aspire PockeX owners and an ideal replacement, providing a sleek and durable alternative to the original.
In conclusion, Aspire PockeX Replacement Glass Silver is a great product for vapers who own the Aspire PockeX vaporizer. It's made with high-quality materials, and its durability makes it a great choice. It also offers easy installation and replacement, perfect to have as a backup or replacement. Its sleek silver colour adds aesthetic appeal and allows vapers to have a clear view of their e-liquid levels.
  • Standard PockeX Glass Easy to fit
  • Glass and metal


Extremely helpful lady helped me sort out my setup to match my nicotine levels, primed it for me and explained a lot of information.
Super :)

Paul S

I found that the person serving me was very helpful and friendly and her knowledge on the produces that I was looking for was very good!

Jean W

Best vape shops in Chester hands down, huge range to choose from and lower prices than I've seen in most places. 10/10 would recommend.

Mark J

Excellent service at this store today. I had initially bought the wrong coils for an e-cigarette, very similar ones, but slightly too large. The man didn't have the right ones in stock, but unscrewed three from some replacement tanks and gave me those. I was impressed.

Peter A

Very helpful! Very happy with my e-Liquids, went the extra mile to give me advice!