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Orange County Lemon Sky (Lemon Tart) CBD E-Liquid 50ml


Our Vaping Bad range is absolutely dedicated to the quality of your experience, prioritizing the effectiveness of our multi-award-winning CBD and excellence of flavour above all else. With Lemon Sky you’re getting a delicious lemon tart E-liquid packed with either 1500mg or 2500mg of CBD isolate.

We source our CBD from certified farms in the United States, using only the finest raw materials to create our products. The CBD itself is extracted using an advanced solvent-free method that lets us avoid all pesticides and GMO compounds, giving us a high-quality sample of CBD entirely free from unnecessary chemicals. We also use this process to ensure that CBD is the only cannabinoid that enters your bottle of Lemon Sky, cutting away all the extraneous compounds to create a fantastically focused CBD isolate.